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1990   First year in operation:  Prior to smartphones or even a worldwide web, owners who participated in BoxScore Baseball back in the early years reported their transactions over the telephone, tracked their team’s progress in the morning newspaper, and waited for their biweekly standings to arrive via the U.S. Mail.

1995    Ultimate Leagues:  New dynasty leagues gave owners the opportunity to manage their teams year round.

1995   BoxScore Baseball Playoff Tournament:  We ran the BoxScore Baseball Playoff Tournament during the MLB Playoffs and World Series until 2007 when we lost access to any downloadable postseason statistics.

1996   Reserve playerPrior to 1996 rosters consisted solely of 25 active players.  If a player became injured, owners had either to drop him or keep him active and receive all zeroes.

1996-97   BoxScore Basketball:  During the 1996-97 NBA season, we introduced BoxScore Basketball.  The contest never really caught on in popularity and was cancelled after just two seasons.

1998   Megabucks Leagues:  There began to be a growing desire among some owners to compete for larger cash prizes, and so Megabucks Leagues were introduced.

1999  Nowadays, with Internet being such an integral part of our fantasy baseball lives, it’s hard to believe that BoxScore Baseball was around for 9 years before it even had a homepage.

2000   Survival Game Football:  Survival Game Football was modeled after a survivor contest I used to compete in with friends during the 1980’s.

2000   Ultimate Nation:  It started to become apparent that the top Ultimate League teams had a decided advantage over non-Ultimate League teams, and so the two groups were separated for National prizes.

2002   Super Megabucks Invitational Leagues:  Requests for a big money, high roller league lead to the formation of the Super Megabucks Leagues for BoxScore Baseball’s most elite owners.

2003   OPS:   Slugging percentage was replaced by OPS as BoxScore Baseball’s sixth hitting category.

2003   BoxScore Football:  Due to the increased popularity of fantasy football, BoxScore Football Megabucks Leagues were established.

2006   September Call-Ups:  BoxScore Baseball began to allow late-season roster expansion.

2007   TQStats:  We began utilizing this online service to host our leagues. This change was an enormous upgrade for our members.  In 2009, TQStats became OnRoto, our current league host.

2008   Trading Panel:  A five-person panel was established to rule on fairness of all controversial trades.

2010   Survival Game Baseball:  A survivor contest for baseball that has steadily grown in popularity.

2012   Hall of Fame:  We established the BoxScore Baseball Hall of Fame with its original 13 inductees.  The total membership now stands at 17.

2013   Bizzaro Baseball:  BoxScore Baseball created a league where good was bad and bad was good.  Where up was down and down was up.  Under this format, Colorado pitchers were in high demand and Adam Dunn was an MVP candidate.  But after a 2-year trial run, we gave up this concept which now sits in waiting, hoping for an eventual rebirth.

2014   Daily DL Moves:  Disabled List transactions began taking effect on a daily basis.

2014   NFLGoddess Survival Game Football:  Survival Game Football merged with the NFLGoddess Suicide Pool and established a survivor football contest with annual prizes in excess of $100,000.

2015   Auction Style Draft:  BoxScore Baseball conducted its first-ever online auction draft.

2017   LIVE Vegas Draft!   The commissioner and 12 long-time owners met in Las Vegas for a LIVE Super Megabucks League draft.  For many, this weekend gathering was the first chance to meet each other in person after knowing one another exclusively by phone and email for as long as 20+ years.

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