PostHeaderIcon Nine Innings of Vegas

In 2017, BoxScore Baseball hosted its first-ever live Las Vegas draft.  The event was an enormous success.  A great time was had by all who attended.  Here is a 9-inning recap of my time in Las Vegas:

1st Inning:  Went with Bill Philp (Payne Street Piranhas) to watch a very funny hypnotist perform his outrageous adult show at the Paris Hotel.


Left to right it is my brother’s girlfriend Ruby (our chauffeur), my brother John, Bill’s wife Melissa, Bill, my wife Lynn, and the Commish

2nd Inning: Paul Soehnlein (Rakassan Lead the Way), retired military, told me a story about how he once drafted his BoxScore Baseball team on a conference call from Afghanistan.  He said our draft time conflicted with a deployment mission he had scheduled so he changed the time of the deployment until after the draft was over.  Love that story!

3rd Inning:  Ate barbecue at Rollin Smoke with Bill, Paul, John Thell (Bud Ladins), and Gregg Janoff (Metsmerizers).  While we were there, the ever-relentless Gregg tried to get any of the other 3 owners to purchase an available team in UL3 so he could pull off a trade with them for pitching help.

4th Inning:  Paul, Bill, and I met Emmitt Smith at the back loading dock at Caesars Palace and then joined John inside to get our pictures taken with him.


5th Inning:  Had a nice buffet dinner and listened to some like rock ‘n roll music in downtown Las Vegas with Bill, Paul, and Rick Garlinghouse (Warriors).

6th Inning:  Met the rest of the guys at the draft, which was the highlight of the trip for me.  It was chilly, but once we got our “beerpong” password I think everyone still had a great time watching Gregg and Tony receive their Hall of Fame certificates, watching Bill draft all those pitchers while dressed in his Piranhas gear; watching Rick’s wife almost fall off a chair while filling in the top of the draft board; watching Miles Eikenberry (Miles Marauders) “Panik” after trying to pick all those players who were already taken; watching Dave Talberg (Rabbi’s of Swat) use a cheat sheet with font so small he needed a magnifying glass to read it; watching Gregg try to screw up the whole draft once he couldn’t get Anthony Rizzo in the first round; watching Dan Williams (Jerusalem Wisemen) always use his full time limit to make his picks even after we returned from a 10-minute break; and watching Paul try not to draft Yankees, Dave try not to draft Tigers, and John try not draft Twins.


7th Inning:  In the late innings, things started to get a little crazy.  Bill lost and found his wallet.  Tony Nosis (Nosis Administration) lost and found his glasses.  Went to a piano bar with Rick, Bill, Paul, Tony, and Clay Maw (Clayhawks), where the highlights included getting the chance to watch Tony dance to It’s Raining Men.  All the while Les Travis (The Syndicate) was with his girlfriend sending us text messages from a strip club–pictures included.  Luckily, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

8th Inning:  Went with Bill, Rick, and John to Dick’s Last Resort, a restaurant notorious for being rude to it’s customers, where my waitress told me she hoped I was having more success using Viagra than I was having using Rogaine.

9th Inning: Topped off the event by going to Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club with Bill, Rick, and Dave.

From left to right it is Clay, Tony, Gregg, Miles, Paul, Dave, Bill, Rick, Dan, John, Les, and the Commish.

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