PostHeaderIcon Survival Game Week One–Playing The Thursday Night Game

In all the years I have been following NFL football, I cannot recall a time when one of the teams playing in the prime time Thursday night game was also the largest point spread favorite of the week. It has certainly never happened in the opening week of an NFL season before. However, such is the case in Week One of the 2013 season when the Denver Broncos host the Baltimore Ravens as an 8-point betting favorite. So the question to consider is this: Is there a strategy advantage to choosing a Thursday night team as your Week One selection? I contend there is, but with one condition.

As you will notice in the Survival Game rules, there are no buy-backs. In Survival Game Football once you are out, you are out for good. However, there is also one semi-loophole to that rule.

Survival Game Football does accept entries into its 2013 contest until Saturday, Sept. 7. That means that you will still be able to join the competition AFTER the first Thursday night game has been played. Now obviously if you join the pool after that game has started, you will not be allowed to choose one of the teams participating in that game. However, let’s assume that you had already entered the pool earlier. And let’s assume you selected one of the two combatants in the Thursday night game. And let’s further assume that you should happen to lose. Well, if you’re willing to risk an additional $45 it would certainly be within the Survival Game rules for you to rejoin the contest and select one of the teams playing on Sunday.

Admittedly, no one wants to pay the additional money to rejoin the pool. But under the condition that you’d be willing to do so should you happen to lose, then technically there is a strategy advantage to making one of the Thursday night teams your Week One selection. And the fact that one of the teams participating in that game this year also happens to be the biggest favorite on the board is just an added bonus.

There is one other twist to this strategy. If we should happen to see the Broncos lose on Thursday night, we would likely see 15% to 20% of the pool exit from the contest before our signup period has even expired. That means whether you were one of the ones who got knocked out or not, it still becomes an excellent value to enter more teams. Think about it. If all the Bronco-backers get knocked out, all of their money would still be in the pool; yet none of them would have any chance to win it. Just something to consider whether you play the Thursday game or not.

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