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Most of us fantasy owners use our smartphones to manage our teams on the go. Whether it’s updating our lineup, scouring the waiver wire or digging into a pile of stats, our phones have become go-to tools for everything fantasy baseball.

There are tons of fantasy baseball apps out there and sorting through them all can be like trying to decide which left-handed middle reliever September call-up to snag. I’m here to help you get the most out of your phone when it comes to managing your fantasy baseball team. Here are five apps I have on my smartphone that I use for managing my many fantasy baseball teams.

Fantasy Alarm
Fantasy Alarm instantly notifies you if one of your players is a late scratch from a lineup or if a game has been delayed or rained out. This app was the recipient of the “Best Mobile App” award in 2013 by the Fantasy Sports Trade Association and was also the winner of the 2014 “Most Innovative Product or Service” award. Sports Geekery talks more about this app. At-Bat
Paul Macchia of Verizon Wireless shares his favorite baseball apps and among them is’s At-Bat. This app allows you to follow the action of your players while you’re on the go as you monitor your superstar’s at-bats pitch-by-pitch in real time. You can even watch’s featured game of the day for free on your phone or tune into the home or away broadcast of any other game.

Home Run Weather
This app provides up-to-the-minute weather reports on everything that alters the flight of a baseball: temperature, atmospheric pressure, humidity, field orientation, wind direction and speed. Basically, the app determines if the weather conditions for any particular game are favorable for fly balls carrying over the fence. The Washington Post wrote a fascinating piece about this app and all of its components.

Fantasy Assistant
Every General Manager needs an Assistant GM at their side. Enter your roster at Fantasy Assistant and the service will analyze your team’s strengths and weaknesses, suggest possible trade scenarios, and project your team’s success. Fantasy sports blogger David Gonos lists this app as one of his fantasy football favorites and the app also works for baseball.

Bill James Baseball IQ
Bill James brought sabermetrics to big league franchises and now the notorious baseball statistician has brought his knowledge to your smartphone. James, whose statistical study of baseball was the basis for the hit book and movie Moneyball, provides statistical breakdowns that run deeper than any other app out there. With this app you can find such specific information including how often a player pops out on full-count fastballs. Fantasy baseball is all about finding an edge and if there’s an edge to be found, this is a good place to look. Knot of Light provides a more detailed review of this app.

Smartphone apps are a great tool for staying on top of your fantasy teams and are sure to help separate you from the pack.

–This article was submitted to BoxScore Baseball by guest blogger, Jared Harris. Jared is a fantasy baseball junkie and blogger from Tacoma, Washington who has visited 29 different major league ballparks and 41 minor league stadiums.

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