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PostHeaderIcon BoxScore Baseball’s $3,000 Club

In Major League Baseball they have the 3,000-hit club. In BoxScore Baseball, I have now created the 3,000-dollar club. This is the group of owners who have managed to win over $3,000 in a single baseball season. Here is the current list:

1) Les Travis (2011) Won Super Megabucks 1 & 2, Ultimate 1 & 3, and the Al Kaline League: $6,715

2) Bob Wilfore (2006) Won Super Megabucks 1, Ultimate 1 & 4, and the National Championship: $4,375

3) Rick Garlinghouse (2016) Won Super Megabucks 2, Ultimate 5, Stan Musial, and the National Championship: $4,350

4) Bob Wilfore (2008) Won Super Megabuck 2, Ultimate 1 & 4, and the Ultimate National Championship: $3,875

5) Tim Grand/Keith Taylor (2006) Won Super Megabucks 1: $3,650

6) Thomas Bonds/Lance Smith (2007) Won Super Megabucks 1 and Ultimate 1: $3,550

7) Jonathon St. Amand (2005) Won Super Megabucks 1: $3,480

8) Tim Grand/Ken Patten (2010) Won Super Megabucks 2 and the National Championship: $3,350

9) Rick Garlinghouse (2015) Won Super Megabucks 2 and was runner-up in Super Megabucks 1: $3,325

10) David James (2009) Won Super Megabucks 2 and the National Championship: $3,115

11) Paul Soehnlein (2014) Won Super Megabucks 1: $3,025

12) Scott Cacciatore (2007) Won Megabucks 2 & 3: $3,015

PostHeaderIcon Welcome NFL Goddess Participants

In 2013 Survival Game Football is welcoming members from the very popular NFL Goddess Suicide Football pool. Let’s hope this boost in our membership makes this our 14th season our most exciting season so far!

BoxScore Baseball has now awarded over $552,000 in prizes since our inception. Come be part of the action. For more information about this thrilling contest, click on the tab above.

PostHeaderIcon BoxScore Football Goes 2-QB

In 2012, there were approximately 12 quarterbacks who scored more fantasy points than Adrian Peterson did. Yet in 2013, Adrian Peterson is projected to be drafted ahead of all of those quarterbacks. Why is this? Well, the main reason is because the gap between the highest drafted active running back and the lowest drafted active running back is much greater than the gap between the highest drafted active QB and the lowest drafted active QB.

There is one simple way to elevate the value of QBs to the level of RBs: allow teams to carry 2 active QBs. Suddenly, when a 12-team league has 24 active QBs, the gap between the best and worst active QBs becomes very similar the gap between the best and worst active RBs.

Initially, I was opposed to the idea of teams having 2 active QBs. Somehow it just seemed wrong to me since teams in real life football team’s only have 1 active QB on the field. But the arguments in favor of going to a 2-QB system started to make sense to me. After all, the object of fantasy football is not to mirror NFL football exactly. The object of fantasy football is to create a fun game. If the object were to mirror NFL football we wouldn’t award points for yardage and receptions and sacks and countless other categories that don’t result in points in an actual NFL game.

The one fear I had was that the league may run out of quarterbacks. In a 12-team league we would drafting 36 quarterbacks. Since there are only 32 NFL teams, some BoxScore teams would not even have 3 quarterbacks on their rosters with starting jobs. With bye weeks and injuries this could cause major problems.

To deal with this potential problem, BoxScore Football is creating a super flex position. A super flex player may be either a quarterback or a running back or a wide receiver. Teams will be forced to activate one super flex player each week. I’m sure that over 90% of the time the active super flex players teams will be utilizing to will be quarterbacks. However, in the rare instances when a team is either unable or unwilling to do so, it will also be legal for them to activate an additional running back or wide receiver.

I am expecting the super flex position to add a great deal of strategy to our contest in 2013, especially during the draft. There are several good articles about this topic all over the Internet I welcome you to read. 2-QB leagues appear to be the wave of the future and BoxScore Football is climbing onboard.

PostHeaderIcon Paying Tribute

Recently, leagues run by the onroto website have begun to pay tribute to their members who have passed away. I have decided to do the same thing here on the BoxScore Baseball homepage for our members who have passed.

When you act as the commissioner of a league that has been around for nearly a quarter century, regrettably some of your members are going to die. I’m sure many more have died than I am even aware of. Fortunately, to my knowledge, there are only three who have passed away. And I must say it is always a stunning phone conversation when I call up a particular owner only to discover he is no longer alive. So here is a short tribute to the three BoxScore Baseball owners who have passed away:

KEN GRAY: Ken Gray joined BoxScore Baseball in 1996. He called his team the Machine. He was the winner of the Mathews League in his very first season. He also won the Gehrig League in 1998. Ken passed away following the 2001 season. To my knowledge he was the first BoxScore Baseball owner to have ever died.

AL DUBIEL: Often I have had BoxScore Baseball customers who have developed into friends. But in the case of Al Dubiel, he was a friend who developed into a BoxScore Baseball customer. Before there ever was a BoxScore Baseball, I knew Al as a co-worker, a bowling partner, a softball teammate, and a dear friend. Al was one of the original owners of BoxScore Baseball joining the Willie Mays League way back in 1990. He retired from BoxScore Baseball in 2002. I received word of his passing in 2010. His team name was always E.R.A.C. which was also the initials of the members of his family. Al never enjoyed much success during the regular season, though he did win the Eddie Mathews League back in 1995. He also set the all-time single season record for saves in a season with 201 back in 1998–a record that still stands today. But where Al really made his mark was during my postseason playoff tournaments. He was the winner of our inaugural postseason baseball playoff tournament in 1995. Then he won the first two postseason BoxScore Basketball playoff tournaments in 1996/97 and 1997/98. One fond memory I have of Al is that he was always on advocate of the “due theory”. In other words, Al was a believer in playing a slumping player because he was due to improve. So the next time you activate a hitter who is in the midst of an 0 for 20 slump you can be sure that somewhere Al Dubiel is smiling.

PHIL BUCHER: Originally, Phil joined the Don Drysdale League in 1994, but he was a long, long time member of the old Sandy Koufax League. His team was always known as the East Bay Fog Heads. He was a member of BoxScore Baseball for 16 seasons until he finally passed away during the offseason prior to the 2010 season. Phil never won a league pennant. He never put much effort into that. His goal each year was to earn BoxScore bucks by finishing first nationally in the statistical categories. In fact, his very last season he earned $175 in BoxScore bucks. Phil was a huge Giants’ fan and his son was a minor league umpire. I spent many a fun afternoon during office hours discussing baseball with Phil. They say nobody loves the ump, but I really enjoyed this father of an ump.

PostHeaderIcon 2013 BoxScore Hall Of Fame Inductees

Three new members were inducted into the BoxScore Hall Of Fame in 2013.

Vernon Fong
Joined: 1991
League Pennants: 6

Special: Vernon’s six league pennants include an Ultimate League pennant back in 1998 and three league pennants in the Hank Greenberg League between 2009 and 2012.  More than that, Vernon has easily been the most dominate owner in the history of BoxScore Football,  winning six league championships between 2004 and 2012.  He also is one of only two owners who can lay claim to a BoxScore Basketball National Championship back in 1996-97.

Keith Nosis
Joined: 1995
League Pennants: 4
National Championship Season: 2003 & 2012

Special:  Keith is the only owner in BoxScore Baseball history to win a National Championship in both the Ultimate Leagues and in the non-Ultimate Leagues.  He also won a pennant in a Megabucks League.

Tony Nosis
Joined: 2003
League Pennants: 6
National Championship Season: 2009

Special:  Tony was coincidentally inducted into the Hall of Fame the same season as his son Keith in 2013.  Between the years of 2009 and 2012 Tony has been the most dominate owner in the BoxScore Baseball Ultimate Leagues as he has amassed five league pennants.

A complete listing of all 16 members of the BoxScore Hall Of Fame is available in the download section of this homepage.


Also, in 2013 BoxScore Baseball is welcoming five new owners into it’s two decade club, owners who first joined BoxScore Baseball 20 years ago or more.  Those owners are:

*Bill Philp, Payne St. Piranhas, Willie Mays League ’90

Rob Ducharme, South TroyTerminators, Yogi Berra League ’94

David Daellenbach, Kiss It Good Bye, Yogi Berra League ’94

Gord Keating, Maple Leafs, Jim Palmer League ’94

Miles Eikenberry, Miles’ Marauders, Tom Seaver League, ’94

*Bill Philp is returning to BoxScore after a short hiatus.  He was a member of BoxScore Baseball’s original league back in 1990 and its first National Champion.

A listing of the other members of the two decade club appears in an earlier blog on this site.

PostHeaderIcon Bizarro Baseball

BoxScore Baseball is preparing to launch a brand new fantasy baseball contest called Bizarro Baseball. In this league, up will be down, right will be wrong, and good will be bad. The object of this contest will be to draft and to maintain the absolute worst fantasy baseball team possible!

Imagine a league where Colorado pitchers such as Jonathan Sanchez are drafted in the first round. Imagine a league where Adam Dunn is highly rated not because of his 41 home runs, but rather because of his .205 batting average and his 200+ strikeouts.

The scoring categories for this proposed league are not yet set in stone, but we are leaning towards:

For Hitters: Batting Average, OPS, Outs, Strikeouts, Caught Stealing, & Errors

For Pitchers: ERA, Winning Percentage, Losses, Hits + Walks, & Earned Runs

To be clear, hitters scoring the highest would have the LOWEST batting average, the LOWEST OPS, the MOST outs made, etc. And pitchers scoring the highest would have the HIGHEST ERA, the LOWEST winning percentage, the MOST losses, etc. Other categeries such as GIDP (grounded into double plays) and Blown Saves are still under consideration.

We will use mostly counting categories rather than percentage categories in order to prevent the use of inactive players from becoming a viable strategy. The only way to compete in these counting categories will be to have players who play regularly. That will be the challenge–to find players who play poorly on a regular basis!

Looking at who some of the productive Bizzaro players have been in 2012, how about Nick Blackburn of the Twins with his 4-9 record combined with a 7.39 ERA and 1.71 Whip in 98.2 innings of work? He could be the Justin Verlander of Bizarro Baseball. Among the hitters, the Bizzaro Rookie Of The Year is probably Dee Gordon who is among the league leaders in CS and errors while possessing a woeful .228 BA and a pathetic .563 OPS in over 300 ABs.

Other Bizarro Baseball notables in 2012:
C: Saltalamacchia (.225 BA, 135 K), Buck, Martin, McCann, Olivo, Soto, Rosario
1b: C. Pena (.200 BA, 179 K), Hosmer, Smoak, Dunn, Kotchman, I. Davis, C. Davis, Howard
2b: Andino (.211 BA, 100 K), Espinoza, Ackley, K. Johnson, R. Weeks, J. Weeks, Uggla
3b: P. Alvarez (176 K, 26 E), Reynolds, Ransom, H. Ramirez, R. Roberts
ss: Castro (13 CS, 25 E), B. Ryan, Barmes, Cozart, Pennington, Peralta
OF: Bay (.158 BA, .527 OPS), Schafer, Francoeur, Granderson, BJ Upton, Stubbs, Rasmus
P: Romero, Jimenez, Aceves, Noesi, Wolf, Beckett, Hochevar, Liriano, Volstad, Humber, Tomlin, Francis

Our first inclination is to run this a “fun” league–at least for the first year–with maybe a $20 entry fee and $1 transaction fees. Or this could be run as a big money league if there was a group of owners wanting to do that instead. Anyone interested in participating in such a league should please contact BoxScore Baseball LLC.

PostHeaderIcon Fit To Be Tied

As we head into the final 2 weeks of the 2012 season, the only thing closer than some of the pennant races in the Major Leagues right now are some of the pennant races in BoxScore Baseball. In both Ultimate League 4 and the California Dreamers League we currently have 2 teams tied atop their league standings. But even closer still is the pennant race in Super Megabucks League 2 where not only are the Litigators and the World Wide Weasels tied for first place with 102 points apiece, but Air Force One and Gamels Gamble are also still right in the hunt with 99 and 97.5 points respectively.

Races are also very close for BoxScore Baseball’s two National Championships. In the non-Ultimate Nation, it’s newbie owner from the Stan Musial League Brett Casterline attempting to hold off Hall of Fame owner from the Bob Feller League Gregg Janoff. And in the Ultimate Nation two teams from Ultimate League 1 are battling for the top spot nationally as Lance Smith holds a slim 3.5-point lead over Tony Nosis.

With races this tight and with so much at stake, I am reminded of the great race for BoxScore Baseball’s first National Championship back in 1990. That season the Payne Street Piranhas and Lynn’s Lineup actually tied for first place nationally in total points. To break the tie we utilitized our tiebreaker rule of counting the total number of categories won. Each team won 5 categories and then tied in RBI’s with 1118 apiece and were thus declared CO-National Champions. It doesn’t get much closer than that.

That’s the kind of a tight race we are looking at right now especially in Super Megabucks League 2. As I examine the scoring categories in that league, while many are close, one way to best express the tightness of this particular race is to point out that right now the $2,500 league prize is being decided by one ten-thousandths of a point in batting average. Now, that’s close!

Good Luck The Rest Of The Way,

The Commish

PostHeaderIcon Hall Of Fame

BoxScore Baseball has created a Hall of Fame for its most accomplished owners. Initially, we will have 13 inductees. These 13 original members are Isackson/Nelson, Tim Grand, Tommy Goth, Thomas Bonds, Ron Bieganowski, Jim Becker, George Caballero, Ken Sommers, Todd Lammi, Bob Wilfore, Gregg Janoff, Gerry Scotto DiMarco, and Ken Patten. Congratulations to each of these Hall of Fame inductees. Let’s take a moment to examine their individual accomplishments.

Carl Isackson/Rick Nelson
Joined: 1993
League Pennants: 6
National Championship Season: 1995
Special: This pair of owners put together one of the most dominating offensive seasons in the history of BoxScore Baseball in 1999 when they set the all-time, single-season record for home runs and rbi’s.

Tim Grand
Joined: 1995
League Pennants: 7
National Championship Season: 2010
Special: Tim Grand who often partners with either Keith Taylor or Ken Patten, has triumphed in 2 Megabucks Leagues. He is also one of only two owners who is a three-time winner of the Super Megabucks Leagues.

Tommy Goth
Joined: 1992
League Pennants: 8
National Championship Season: 2002
Special: Tommy Goth dominated the Golden Gator private league winning the league championship 8 times between 1992 and 2007.

Thomas Bonds
Joined: 1994
League Pennants: 8
Special: Despite having never won a National Championship, Thomas Bonds is one of the few BoxScore Baseball owners to win multiple Ultimate Leagues (2000, 2002, & 2007), multiple Megabucks Leagues (two in 2003, & 2005), and multiple Super Megabucks Leagues (2002 & 2007).

Ron Bieganowski
Joined: 1999
League Pennants: 8
National Championship Seasons: 2004, 2005, 2007, 2008
Ron Bieganowski dominated the Ernie Harwell private league, winning the pennant in his rookie season in 1999 and then knocking off 7 straight league championships between 2002 and 2008. During his run of success he also won 4 BoxScore Baseball National Championships.

Jim Becker
Joined: 1992
League Pennants: 9
National Championship Season: 2011
Special: Of Jim Becker’s 9 league pennants, 5 of them were in Megabucks Leagues. He was victorious in 2000, 2001, 2004, 2006, and then after a short hiatus he returned again to triumph in 2011.

George Caballero
Joined: 1992
National Championship Seasons: 1993, 1994, 1998
Special: Fittingly, George Caballero started his run of domination in BoxScore Baseball’s Babe Ruth League. Because in terms of his Hall of Fame credentials, you could call George “the Babe Ruth of BoxScore Baseball”. During the 90’s, no owner was more dominate. In addition to winning 3 National Championships and a Megabucks League pennant in 1998, he also won the League Of Champions (which was the 90’s version of the Super Megabucks League) in both 1993 and 1994.

Ken Sommers
Joined: 1992
League Pennants: 12
Special: Ken Sommers has not yet managed to win a National Championship; however, his 12 league pennants are certainly an impressive total. Among those championships he won Megabucks Leagues 1998 and 2001. He’s also won 9 league titles in Voicemail Draft Leagues where he has truly dominated.

Todd Lammi
Joined: 1995
League Pennants: 13
National Championship Seasons: 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004
Special: Undeniably the gem of BoxScore Baseball’s Ultimate Leagues, Todd Lammi won 11 Ultimate League pennants and 5 consecutive National Championships. Todd Lammi’s teams also hold the all-time, single-season records for highest batting average, highest OPS, most runs scored, and most strikeouts.

Bob Wilfore
Joined: 1993
League Pennants: 15
National Championship Seasons: 2006 & 2010
Special: Bob Wilfore has done it all over the course of his 20+ years in BoxScore Baseball. He’s won Annual Leagues. He’s won Continuous Leagues. He’s won LIVE draft leagues and Voicemail Draft Leagues. He’s won a Megabucks League. He’s won a Super Megabucks League. And he’s won an amazing 7 Ultimate Leagues!

Gregg Janoff
Joined: 1993
League Pennants: 18
Despite having won no National Championships as of yet, Gregg Janoff has amassed an incredible 18 league pennants. Included in those 18 pennants are 2 Megabucks League Championships, 1 Super Megabucks Championship, and 6 Ultimate League Championships. He is also an impressive 5-time champion in the Bob Feller League since 2001.

Gerry Scotto DiMarco
Joined: 1993
League Pennants: 20
National Championship Season: 1997
The accomplishments of Gerry Scotto DiMarco are legendary, not the least of which is his winning a National Championship and a staggering 18 league pennants between 1997 and 2004. Included in those pennants were 8 Megabucks League Championships and 10 Ultimate League Championships.

Ken Patten
Joined: 1993
League Pennants: 27
National Championship Seasons: 2000 & 2010
Special: Arguably BoxScore Baseball’s most consistent owner over the course of the past 20 seasons, Ken Patten has captured a ridiculous 27 league pennants. Among those pennants are 1 Super Megabucks Championship, 8 Megabucks League Championships, and 10 Ultimate League Championships. 7 times he has won multiple pennants in one season. And no one was more dominate than Ken Patten during the 5-year period between 1999 and 2003 when he won an unimaginable 16 pennants!

Honorable Mention (currently retired)
Steve Bilodeau: Won the Al Kaline League 5 times between 1994 and 2007.
Scott Cacciatore: Won 4 Megabucks Leagues between 2007 and 2009.
Nick Chapman: Won 4 league pennants and a National Championship in 1996.
Bill Philp: Won 2 league pennants and a National Championship in 1990.
Mark Smith: Won 7 pennants between 1995 and 2003.
Charlie Weigert: Won 2 league pennants and a National Championship in 1991.

Honorable Mention (currently active)
Vernon Fong: Won 5 pennants including 1 Ultimate League in 1998.
Scott Nadler: Won 6 pennants since 1992 including 1 Megabucks League.
Keith Nosis: Won 3 pennants and a National Championship in 2003.
Tony Nosis: Won 3 Ultimate pennants and a National Championship in 2009.
Brian Oost: Won 5 pennants in the California Dreamers League since 1997.
Mike Powers: Won 5 pennants between 1994 and 2009.
David Przybylski: Won 7 pennants since 1995.
Les Travis: Won 7 pennants. Also engineered BoxScore Baseball’s most impressive single-season ever in 2011 when he won 5 pennants including 2 Ultimate Leagues and 2 Super Megabucks Leagues!

PostHeaderIcon Two-Decade Club

Allow me to thank the BoxScore Baseball membership for its incredible loyalty over the years. As we enter the 2012 season, most of our members have now been with us for at least 10 to 15 years. And we currently have an astounding 23 members who first joined our fantasy contest 20 YEARS AGO OR MORE! Those owners are as follows:

1. Randy Bartling, Alliance Rails, Feller League ’93
*2. Gerry Scotto DiMarco, Cyclones, Clemente League ’93
3. Robert Ellis, Growlers, Killebrew League ’93
4. Isackson/Nelson, Stud Bunnies, Drysdale League ’93
5. Gregg Janoff, Miami Metsmerizers, Robinson League ’93
6. Mike Partigianoni, D.B.’s, Ford League ’93
7. Ken Patten, Beatniks, DiMaggio League ’93
8. Ron Pennington, Brew Crue, McCovey League ’93
9. Dave Przybylski, Detroit Miracles, Spahn League ’93
10. Bob Wilfore, Troy Tornados, Berra League ’93
*11. Jim Becker, Jamesgang, Koufax League ’92
12. Bryan Doto, Purple Aces, Clemente ’92
13. Joe Mack, Dugout Destroyers, Ruth ’92
14. Scott Nadler, Heat III, Mathews League ’92
15. Mike Powers, Powers Hitters, Greenberg League ’92
16. Ken Sommers, Boys of Sommers, All Stater League ’92
*17. Lance Wetherholt, Best Reason, Kaline League ’92
*18. Steve Wochaski, WMU Broncos, Kaline League ’92
19. William Blais, Blazers, Aaron League ’91
20. Vernon Fong, V-Squad, Mays League ’91
*21. Lenny Gittleman, Boys of Summer, Cobb League ’91
*22. David Talberg, Capitol City Crushers, Cobb League ’91
23. Andy Bylski, Gretzky’s, Mays League ’90

*Has not entered every season consecutively since first joining.

Many thanks to all,

The Commish

PostHeaderIcon 2011 BoxScore Baseball Recap

What an exciting conclusion to the 2011 regular season. And not just for Major League Baseball, but for BoxScore Baseball as well. There were many exciting story lines this season.

First, congratulations to our two National Champions, Jim Becker and Ken Patten. Both owners have been with BoxScore Baseball nearly since our inception (though Jim just returned this year from a short hiatus). Ken became a three-time National Championship as he won back in 2000 and also as a co-owner last season. Jim became a first-time National Champion proving that persistence pays off.

Next congratulations to all of our league pennant winners. In our Annual and Continuous Leagues those winners were Les Travis (twice), David Silberman, Brian Oost, Travis Pennington, and David Przybylski. In the Megabucks League it was Jim Becker. In the Super Megabucks Leagues it was Les Travis (twice). And in the Ultimate Leagues it was Tony Nosis (twice), Les Travis, and Ken Patten.

One owner, David Przybylski, won his league despite never winning a single monthly prize. And another owner, who shall remain nameless, won his league despite going to jail during the season and being forced to run his team from his cell. Wow!

But the biggest kudos of all must go to Les Travis who became the first owner in the history of BoxScore Baseball to win over $5,000 in a single season. And he didn’t just barely surpass that mark. He went way over $5,000 by winning $6,725. Les ran 6 teams in 6 different leagues and won 5 pennants with those teams. That included him winning the brand new Ultimate League 3 and BOTH Super Megabucks Leagues! Phenominal. Way to go, Les!!!

Prize money, BoxScore bucks, financial statements, and renewal forms will be mailed out at about the same time the World Series ends. Also, keep in mind that the Mid Season contest for Survival Game Football will begin Sunday, October 23. Entries for that contest are being accepted online right now.

Enjoy the Playoffs and Go Tigers!