In fantasy baseball you have the opportunity to act as owner and general manager of your own major league ball club. You draft a squad of actual major league ball players. You make the trades, add the free agents, and compete for the pennant. The actual on the field performances of your players this season will determine your team’s success.


Over $20,000 in Cash Prizes–BoxScore Baseball is large enough to offer thousands of $$$$ in cash prizes, yet small enough to offer you a legitimate chance to win.

Realistic Format–BoxScore Baseball is not a “salary cap” league where all of the teams in your league can draft the same players. In our leagues, if you have Albert Pujols on your team, no other team in your league will have him!

Individual League Homepages–Each BoxScore Baseball league is provided with its own homepage. National and league standings, team reports, league transactions, and injury reports are updated DAILY!

Catering To Both The Novice & The Expert–For the first-time fantasy leaguer we feature teams starting at just $79. For the fantasy baseball high roller, we offer big money leagues with prize payouts of up to $5,000.

Personal Service–We provide you with the opportunity to speak to live on the phone with our commissioner 24/7. Try that with some of the larger national contests.

Reliability–Be sure to choose a reputable fantasy service. Every year there are horror stories. Yet BoxScore Baseball remains an industry leader, having awarded over $550,000 in prizes since 1991.