Private League

If you are able to recruit and organize all the members of an 8-12 team league you will be allowed to hold a LIVE In Person Draft. To remain eligible for national awards, your league must submit its completed team rosters postmarked prior to Opening Day.

Live Draft

BoxScore Baseball conducts several In-Person Drafts in the state of Michigan. These LIVE drafts are held in the Detroit area on weekends in late March. They last about two hours. The format of the draft is similar to the format of the NFL draft. If you are able to attend an In-Person Draft, it will be the highlight of your season.

For those of you unable to attend in person, you may be connected by phone. We also offer free online drafts in some of our leagues.

7-Day Email Draft

To participate in the 7-Day E-Mail Draft, owners complete a Draft Order Designation Sheet (DOD). On the DOD, owners rank their top 24 catchers, first basemen, second basemen, third basemen, and shortstops;  their top 50 outfielders; and their top 100 pitchers.  Owners also list a round-by-round account of the positions they would like to draft. For example, 1st Round: Starting Pitcher, 2nd Round: Outfielder, 3rd Round: First Baseman, etc.

This unique format turns the draft into a weeklong adventure.  We divide the 28-round draft in the following way:

Each day, owners have the option of leaving an e-mail or a voice mail message announcing the positions they wish to select.  We use the player rankings on their DOD to determine their teams, giving owners their highest available player each round.  Then in the evenings, owners can simply go online to their league homepage to discover that day’s draft results.  If an owner does not wish to call or email his selections, BoxScore Baseball will draft his team on his behalf using the DOD he submitted.

On the final day of the draft, owners may activate their reserve players (at no charge).  They may also add free agents on a first come, first serve basis between Sunday at noon ET and Monday at noon ET.  once the draft ends on Monday, rosters are frozen until Opening Day.

  Brand New Leagues Returning Leagues
Monday ROUNDS   1 – 3 ROUNDS   1 – 5
Tuesday ROUNDS   4 – 6 ROUNDS   6 – 8
Wednesday ROUNDS   7 – 11 ROUNDS   9 – 11
Thursday ROUNDS 12 – 16 ROUNDS 12 – 16
Friday ROUNDS 17 – 21 ROUNDS 17 – 21
Saturday ROUNDS 22 – 28 ROUNDS 22 – 28