Annual Leagues

In an Annual League you will draft a brand new team each season. These leagues are ideal for first-timers who want to get a taste of BoxScore Baseball without committing to additional seasons. Annual Leagues are recommended for those of you who enjoy building your team through the draft each season. These leagues feature free trading and free disabled list transactions.

Continuous Leagues

In Continuous Leagues you may retain the rights of up to five players from one season to the next. These leagues are recommended for the serious fantasy baseball owner who wishes to compete against the same group of owners for the next several seasons. They feature free trading.

Megabucks Leagues

Megabucks Leagues draft from scratch each season by LIVE Conference Call Draft.  These leagues are recommended for experienced fantasy leaguers. They feature free trading within their individual 12-team league.

Super Megabucks Invitational Leagues

Acceptance into the Super Megabucks Leagues is by invitation only. These leagues draft from scratch each season by LIVE Conference Call. In some cases, they also draft auction style via the Internet. Owners are given the capability to go online to process their own roster moves. These are a no-trade leagues.

Ultimate Leagues

Ultimate Leagues are the closest thing to actually owning a Major League baseball team. You will have a draft in your initial season only. This draft will be a LIVE Conference Call Draft. After that you will build your team through year round transactions. You will retain the rights of your entire 28 man squad. Ultimate Leagues are recommended for only the most serious fantasy leaguers.  More details about Ultimate Leagues can be sent out upon request (limited openings).

Bizarro Leagues

Imagine a league where good is bad, up is down, and right is wrong.  In Bizarro Baseball the object of the game is to draft and to maintain the absolute worst fantasy baseball team possible.  To be clear, in Bizarro Baseball the highest rated hitters are the ones who make the most outs and the highest rated pitchers are the ones who allow the most runs.  Even if you are already participating in other fantasy baseball leagues we recommend you try this unique format that will offer the chance to root for players you don’t generally follow in a crazy upside down way.  This is intended as a “fun” league.