This is a Survivor pool where you pick one team for each day of the NCAA Men’s Division 1 Basketball Tournament (not including the play-in-games). If the teams you pick win, you advance. If a team you pick loses, you are eliminated. The person who advances the furthest wins the pool.  Once you pick a team you may not pick that team again.

This pool does not use point spreads. Wins are determined on a straight-up basis.

You will make one pick per day of the tournament–not one pick each round, one pick each DAY! In total, to make it to the end you will need to pick 10 winners.

In days 7 & 8, when there are two games on Saturday and two games on Sunday, you may pick any two teams from either day. You may pick one team from each day, two teams from Saturday, or two teams from Sunday. Of course, you cannot select the same team twice.

The contest begins Thursday, March 17, but you may enter immediately!  It will continue until the championship game if necessary.

If two or more people are surviving with the same number of wins after everyone is eliminated, the pool manager will ‘revive’ all the people who are tied for the lead (with the same number of wins) and let them keep picking until there is only one winner. If the tournament ends before a winner can be determined, then it will be considered a tie.  When a player makes a winning pick (technically advancing to the next day) but doesn’t have any teams left to pick, that player is still in the running and will only be knocked out when someone else in the pool makes another winning pick. It is the eventual number of winning picks that determines who wins the pool.

The pick deadline is currently set for N/A and this will be your daily deadline unless the pool manager changes it. The pick deadline may be later than the first game time of each round. You can never enter or change a pick for a game that has already started and you can not enter or change picks after the pick deadline.

There are NO default selections. If you fail to make a selection, you are eliminated.

The pool manager can enter picks for anyone at any time, even after the tournament has started. When this happens, the website flags the late picks in the standings pages so that everyone knows that a late change has been made.

It is your responsibility to confirm that your own picks are accepted by the website. You can do this in a number of ways including the pick confirmation email and by returning to the pick sheet to see that your selections are prefilled. The picks shown on the website after the deadline has passed are your FINAL picks regardless of any paper printouts or confirmation emails or other proof you might have. In the event of any dispute with individual picks, we will always go by what is shown on the website.

To join Survival Game Baseball you will first need to visit OfficeFootballPool.com.   If you are not already registered on this site it is very easy to do so–takes less than one minute.  http://www.officefootballpool.com/pools.cfm?poolid=136874&p=2&pwd=Spring2020
Then click on “Join A Pool”   Poolid = 136874.    Password = Spring2020.


Aliases can be used to make multiple entries into the pool.  Check the FAQ page on the website to find out more about Aliases.


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