• Pick the winner of one NFL game each week (no point spreads) without selecting the same team more than once during the season.
  • Beginning Week 14, survivors must correctly select the winner of TWO games each week.
  • If your team(s) wins, you advance. If your team(s) loses or ties you are eliminated.
  • The last survivors are declared our Grand Prize winners.
  • The NFLGoddess runs 3 completely separate Survival Games: The Main Pool, the Second Bite Pool, and the Last Chance Pool.
  • The mail pool runs from Week 1 until the end of NFL regular season.

*See Supplementary Rules for the Second Bite Pool and the Last Chance Pool Below!


  • You may select teams playing on Wednesday through Saturday, but must submit your pick prior to kickoff time of the game involving your team.
  • The final deadline each week is 1:00 PM ET on Sunday.
  • You may submit your picks online at, by voicemail at (800)384-9694, or by email at
  • Failure to make a valid pick prior to the Sunday deadline will result in you receiving the default pick.
  • The default pick is largest weekly Sunday or Monday point spread favorite (according to that you have never used before. In the event that there is a tie for which pick is the largest favorite, will arbitrarily assign you one of those teams.


  • At least 90% of all net entry fee payments received are returned to the members in the form of its Grand Prize
  • The entry fee is $100 for one single entry.
  • Soon after you sign up at you will receive a Pay Pal invoice via email.
  • Payments by check, money order, payable to BoxScore Baseball, PO Box 276, Auburn, MI  48611.
  • If your payment is not received prior to the signup deadline you may be dropped from the contest.
  • Anyone winning over $600 in prize money will receive a W-2G tax form.

Tiebreaker Rules

  • If all of the final survivors should be eliminated from the pool in the same week or all survive beyond Week 17, the tiebreaker is the total number of games won.
  • If all of the final survivors have the same number of games won, it is a tie, regardless of the day or time they are eliminated and the Grand Prize is divided equally between them.
  • Whenever fewer than 10 survivors remain, any of those survivors are welcome to propose a full or partial split of the grand prize.  However, such a split will only occur if it is unanimously agreed upon by all of the surviving members prior to an agreed upon deadline.

Second Bite Pool

  • The Second Bite contest runs from Week 5 (Oct. 8) until the end of the regular season!
  • The deadline to sign up is Sunday, Oct. 8 at noon ET!
  • All other rules for the Second Bite contest are consistent with the NFLGoddess Survival Game rules stated previously.

Last Chance Pool

  • The Last Chance contest runs from Week 10 (Nov. 12) until the end of the regular season!
  • The deadline to sign up is Sunday, Nov. 12 at noon ET!
  • The Last Chance Pool continues on into the NFL Playoffs. During the NFL Playoffs the available teams that survivors may select are reset and may be reselected as often as they choose.
  • You must select TWO winners beginning in Week 14 and on through the first two rounds of the NFL Playoffs. The last two rounds of the NFL Playoffs you once again choose just one team.
  • If ALL survivors should ever be eliminated in the same week, all survivors tied for the most wins in that week will be revived and returned to the pool.
  • All other rules for the Last Chance Pool are consistent with the NFLGoddess Survival Game rules stated previously.

Office Football Pool

  • These pools are hosted at
  • All written rules appearing on that site are also enforceable.
NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. To participate void of all services, send a SASE to NFLGoddess Survival Game, P.O. Box 276, Auburn, MI 48611. One request per household. All requests must be received by Aug. 10. You must be 18 years old or older to participate. Void where prohibited by law. Survival Game liability is limited to the cost of one entry