• Pick the winner of one NFL game each week (no point spreads) without selecting the same team more than once during the season.
  • Beginning Week 13, survivors must correctly select the winners of TWO games each week.
  • If your team(s) wins, you advance. If your team(s) loses or ties you are eliminated.
  • The last survivor(s) is declared our Grand Prize winner.
  • The NFLGoddess runs 3 completely separate Survival Games: The Main Pool, the Second Bite Pool, and the Last Chance Pool.
  • The Main Pool runs from Week 1 until  Super Bowl Sunday if needed.


  • In the unlikely event that the pool continues on into the NFL Playoffs the available teams that survivors may select are reset and may be re-selected as often as they choose.
  • For example, if you have selected New England in Week 11, you may select them again once the Playoffs begin and then continue to select them again and again for as long as you choose.
  • Each week during the Playoffs, the pick deadline is kickoff time of the first weekly game.
  • You must select two winners during the the first two rounds of the NFL Playoffs and one winner during the last two rounds.

*See Supplementary Rules for the Second Bite Pool and the Last Chance Pool Below!


  • You may select teams playing any day of the week but must always submit your pick prior to kickoff time of the game involving your team.
  • The final deadline each week is 1:00 PM ET on Sunday. However, during the opening week of each pool only, the Sunday deadline is pushed back to 4:00 PM ET.
  • Picks should be submitted to the website.  However, whenever an alternate means is needed, they may also be submitted by text message to (989)274-4260 or by email at
  • Failure to make a valid pick prior to the deadline will result in you receiving the default pick. However, during the opening week of each pool only, any members failing to make their picks prior to the deadline while also failing to pay their entry fees, will automatically be dropped from the pool rather than receiving the default picks.


  • The default pick is the favorite with the largest weekly point spread (according to who you have not yet selected and whose game has not yet started prior to the weekly deadline.
  • In the event that there is a tie for which pick is the largest favorite, will arbitrarily assign you one of those teams.


    It is your responsibility to confirm that your own picks are accepted by the website. You should see the Congratulations Screen after submitting your picks and should receive a pick confirmation email. If you are still unsure if your pick was accepted, you should return to the pick sheet not by using your browser’s back button, but by clicking on the My Picks link. If your pick was accepted it will be prefilled on the pick sheet.


    If all of the final survivors should be eliminated from the pool in the same week, the tiebreaker is the total number of games won.  In other words, during double picks, if all the survivors should happen to go either 1-1 or 0-2, the 1-1’s will all advance and the 0-2’s will all be eliminated.


    • To revive a player means to allow someone back into the pool that previously was eliminated.  When a player is revived, they show up in the standings with an R by their pick, indicating they were revived.  This feature has only be utilized in extremely rare instances.
    • If ALL survivors should ever be eliminated in the same week, all survivors tied with the most wins in that week will be revived and returned to the pool.


    • A tie shall be declared if multiple members survive beyond the end of the pool.


    People without internet access can have another pool member enter their picks by using an Alias.  Aliases can also be used to make multiple entries into the pool.  Check the website FAQ page to find out more about Aliases.


    The pool managers have the ability to enter or change picks for any one at any time.  If the pool managers enter or change your pick before the pick deadline passes, you will be notified by an automated website email.  If the pool managers change anybody’s pick after the deadline or after the game started, that pick will get flagged with an “M” so everyone can see how and when it changed.


    If a game is postponed to a later week, all the picks for that game will be deleted by the website.  The website will send an email notification to the people who picked that game and their pool managers.  Whether they get the email or not, it is the responsibility of the individual pool member to know that the game was postponed and to enter a new pick (if necessary) before the pick deadline passes.


    The NFLGoddess and BoxScore Baseball Commissioner has the final say regarding the interpretation of these rules.  If there is ever a discrepancy between what the website shows and what the player says he/she entered, the website will be considered correct.  If there is ever a discrepancy between what the website shows and a pick confirmation email, the website will be considered correct.


    • The Second Bite contest runs from Week 5 of the regular season until Super Bowl Sunday.
    • The deadline to sign up is Sunday, Oct. 6.
    • All other rules for the Second Bite Pool are consistent with the NFLGoddess Survival Game rules as previously stated.


    • The Last Chance Pool will begin in Week 10 of the regular season until Super Bowl Sunday.
    • The deadline to sign up is Sunday, November 10.
    • All other rules for the Last Chance Pool are consistent with the NFLGoddess Survival Game rules as previously stated.


    • These pools are hosted at
    • All written rules appearing on that site are also enforceable.
    NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. To participate void of all services, send a SASE to NFLGoddess Survival Game, P.O. Box 276, Auburn, MI 48611. One request per household. All requests must be received by Aug. 10. You must be 18 years old or older to participate. Void where prohibited by law. Survival Game liability is limited to the cost of one entry